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national captioning institute >> another day of grief for students and staff at suitland high school. >> a second student has been shot and killed one day after the same thing happen to a fellow classmate. brianne carter reports. >> heightens its security and a motion at suitland high school today after eight seconds to do was shot and killed in just as
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many days. >> he might have been going to class. there were a lot of people in the library crime. but the mother of 18-year old aaron kidd said he was gunned down after hanging out with friends tuesday. police say he and another 18- year-old was found shot in a forest though parking lot. she says her son was going to be a father next month. >> kids continue to die. >> this comes just one day after another student's death. 15-year-old charles walker, jr. was killed walking near his home apparently over a pair of shoes. the back-to-back murders of the two teenagers with the least not the liebler related gives the total number of high-school students killed to 6. >> executive rushern baker says something needs to change to stop what keeps happening here in the county. >> we are not going to arrest or prosecute our way out of this. we've got to create job opportunities for young people. we need counseling for people
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who need it. we need health care that affects some of the things we see. >> police urged anyone with information to come forward while they continue to search for a motive and a suspect. forestville, brianne carter, abc7 news. >> the man wanted in connection with a deadly apartment fire in the reston has been found dead more than 1,600 miles away. detectives say the man killed his wife in reston and then killed himself in texas. a neighbor in the apartment directly upstairs of the couple told abc7 she heard a couple arguing around 2:30 a.m. monday morning. she was a welcome later by smoke in the apartment. >> a body has just been found in the rubble of a kansas city restaurant. 15 others were injured and six hospitalized after an explosion sparked a four-alarm fire during happy hour at the popular j.j. is restaurant. part of the shopping center was rubbled.
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>> i felt that more than i heard it. just kind of like a big bass drum. you feel it. and the heat from the fire came into my car. my windows were up but i could feel the heat. >> investigators are still working to determine what caused the explosion but early evidence indicates a contractor hit an underground gas and natural line -- natural gas line. >> today marks the 10th anniversary of the deadly club fire in rhode island. more than 100 people were killed when pyrotechnics' ignited soundproofing. family and friends gathered at the site as well on sunday to read the victims' names aloud and to unveil final plans for a permanent memorial. >> we turn to the weather. if you are headed outside any time soon you want to bundle up. jacqui jeras has the first look of our coal before this. >> the coldest day of the week and we will not make much progress over the next few
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either. 37 is our temperature. a look at the window, down to 28. it really feeling the difference especially when you get strong gusts. the wind has been blowing over the great lakes bringing lake effect snow showers along the mason-dixon line. it cannot be surprised if you see a quick burst of flurries. the sun peeking out especially south of the metro area. if you are traveling, may be slight delays and to the northeast because of a strong wind and a big storm developing, with severe weather possible in the seven planes and snow moving into the magic -- midsection. and phoenix, you might think it is a nice escape but not so much today. there were airport delays because of low clouds. you could hardly see the mountains in the background. today looking for partly cloudy skies. chilly and windy. high-temperature right around 39 degrees. we will have the forecast an interesting whether headed our way on friday. back to you.
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>> new numbers from when a piat university shows two virginia governor candidates in a dead heat. terry mcauliffe and ken cuccinelli are tied at 38%. the university also says if lt. governor bill bolling were to enter as an independent mcauliffe would pull ahead to 34%, cuccinelli would get 31%. >> breaking news. former illinois congressman jesse jackson jr., has now pleaded guilty to misusing campaign funds. he admitted to using nearly $750,000 for personal expenses. jackson's wife, a former chicago alderman is due in court a few hours from now. that is when she is expected to plead guilty as well for falsifying tax returns. if we will have much more coming up tonight on abc7 is starting at 5:00. former new orleans mayor ray
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nagin it is said to be arraigned today on charges he accepted nearly $200,000 in bribes. he was indicted next month on 21 federal counts. today to a federal magistrate " set bail and prosecutors may ask to take away his passport. >> police in south africa say olympic runner oscar pistorius is a flight risk and they are asking a judge not to grant him bail. police brought the of the npt to court for a second day of a bill dealing. they say while searching the veteran they found testosterone needles and 38 caliber ammunition in a safe. they say he and his girlfriend had a fight on valentine's day which led him to shoot and kill their. pistorius says the killing was accidental when he thought someone broke into a home. >> as pope benedict xvi prepares to step down there is new buzz that a colonel from boston could be considered to take his place.
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parnell o'malley's name is coming up and speculation the cardinal o'malley's name is coming up. right now there is no clear favorite among the college of cardinals. o'malley has been one of the most vocal bishops apologizing for the catholic church sex abuse crisis, as well as reaching out to victims. >> changes in the works -- office depot is buying its arrival office max. it will be an all stock deal worth about $1.2 billion. the company has not said yet whether it means staff cuts or store closings or big whether all the stores will operate under the same name. but analysts say the merger is an attempt for the two companies to better compete with staples. >> 7 is on your side with a new study about retirement savings. a study commissioned by hsbc bank found more of that -- finds more than half of the working population not properly preparing for retirement. nearly one out of five workers
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are not saving at all. the people blamed the daily cost of living as the biggest reason for not saving money. when it comes to managing money, the washington redskins are doing their part to help veterans. >> they are at walter reed medical center. as john gonzalez reports, they have a new way of teaching people the finer points of finance. >> the nfl season is over but the redskins are still playing the game here in bethesda. this is a high-energy game of what is being called financial football. >> i did not learn about living about a budget until a few years ago. >> these are helping not only to be prepared but also guiding adults to better tackle their financial futures. the video game incorporates lessons taught about practical money goes for life, a money- management program. >> it is good to be financially responsible. >> a big benefit for this navy veteran and single father of
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two. >> you do not want to spend things that are for the list that you may not need when you have responsibilities. >> the 40-50 military men and women taking part of learning how to manage their money after being away fighting wars and doing a lot of moving. >> a way to make it fun and educational, but i will -- that they can learn a valuable lesson. >> london fletcher and alfred morris are taken the helmets off and coaching the troops. i offered morris currently playing the online educational game right now with a group still drives a 1991 mazda. he says even when you have a lot of money, you have to know how to budget it. >> and to make sure they are setting themselves up right for their future. >> john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> some good news for the washington nationals clubhouse today. a new report from espn seems to
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clear pitcher gio gonzales of wrongdoing when it comes to using performance enhancing drugs. they say he did not receive ped's from miami clinic at the center of the scandal. a document obtained by the sports network said gonzales got weight loss substances, but they are not banned by major league baseball. >> someone in mount airy maryland, is the areas near -- new was millionaire. winning the power ball from last night's drawing sold on lakeview drive in mount airy. no word on who the winner is yet. this is the day millions have been waiting for. robin roberts made a return to "good morning america." coming up next on abc7 news at noon, the story of her incredible five-month journey and how she inspired some many along the way. >> the oscars are coming up fast. we hear from host seth of mcfarland and the challenges he faces the first time leading
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hollywood's biggest show. >> and longer waits when you go through airport security. we will explain why. >> here is a live look outside. the big weather story is the unseasonable cold.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ woman ] looks like another glorious week in florida.
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♪ ♪ that...was...awesome. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] how do you make your family vacation this epic? go to >> it is the talk of the nation is new. the woman who put smiles on some many people's faces is back on the anchor desk. >> robin roberts celebrated her return to "good morning america" with family, friends, and even complete strangers. jummy olabanji has the story.
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>> a very special edition of "good morning america " " with robin roberts and george stephanopoulos -- >> five months to the day sense going through a bone marrow transplant for a blood disorder, "good morning america" anchor robin roberts is back where she belongs. >> this is real, actually happening. i did not have my froggy slippers on -- or do i? >> before sunrise, she was greeted by lines of happy co- workers in times square. in the bright studio where family friends, and fans supported her, as well as the doctors and nurses who guided her to good health. >> say, family, and friends who brought me to this moment. i am so full of gratitude. >> for roberts, the setback was always about the bigger picture. she used a situation to spread life-saving information to others, becoming a spokesperson for be the match. hundreds of miles away tim saw
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a segment on the meeting of the donor and a woman that was saved. two weeks later he donated and help save a complete stranger. >> when you sign up to do anything good in general, in some way you are doing it to help someone else but it is also sort of selfless -- selfish reasons because it makes you feel good. >> robin roberts it feels good and is looking forward to make a recovery as time goes on. robin roberts will share more of our journey on a special edition "20/20" airing friday night at 10:00 right here on abc7. jummy olabanji, abc7 news. >> it was an inspiring show this morning. and i love she came on natural -- and she is just revealing all who she is. >> and so beautiful, too. inspirational. the weather today can blow you down. it is windy, it is cold. in fact, the coldest day of the
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week, i think. we will not make much progress from here on out. but it looks pretty. really a beautiful day. more cloudiness at this hour then when you woke up this morning. 37 degrees is the temperature. winds out of the west at 40 miles an hour, driving the wind chill factor to the 20's. colder to the north because there is more cloudiness, especially along the mason-dixon line. frederick, 29. more sunshine peeking out to the south, so you are well in the 30's -- 38 in remington. some other temperatures, 36 at dulles, 39 in manassas and culpeper, a little warmer, 43 degrees. if you add in the blustery conditions, it feels like teens and a few spots 17 in gaithersburg, and it feels like 28 in d.c. futurecast, doing the wind chills to help get through the rest of the day. we will stay in the teens to low 20's.
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conditions by 6:00 -- we put this in motion for the overnight hours, and pretty much everybody feels 10 budget down to the low to middle teens and then some recovery tomorrow back to the upper 20's to lobar 30's, with the wind is still a little breezy tomorrow but not quite as extreme. you can see the satellite and radar picture with a few lake effect snow showers to the north of the metro area, just seeing a few clouds. don't be surprised nbc a flurry or two this afternoon. just conversational snow. tracking weather systems, one in the southwest and one through the plains. the pattern hooks them up and it brings them this way. we are in this wedge of cold air waiting for the next system. today and tomorrow, nice and calm, but by friday the clouds return and we may see a little sleep before things changeover to rain. the forecast for today, looking for partly cloudy skies.
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windy and cold. the high between 34-39 but it will feel like the 20's throughout the afternoon. tonight, mostly clear, breezy and cold again. the teams to the middle 20's. the seven-day forecast, lots of sunshine tomorrow, good news. 30 degrees. not making a lot of progress in a thermometer until the latter part of the weekend shooting a 50 degrees once again. watch the timing of the next system. maybe a minute -- maybe a wintry mix friday. it will be light. just rain on saturday, it looks like. and then a decent sunday. obsolete it will not push back the timing on all of that. -- hopefully, it will not push back the timing. >> be thankful you are not in certain parts of southern california. the sacramento region, heavy rain on the back of yesterday's messy snowfall. you can see just how much it problem it is causing on the roads. in some areas, as many as 100
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cars were reported to have spun out. the police were called out to help with the traffic. thunderstorms with high winds are now pushing through the area. >> problems on capitol hill could soon be spreading to airports across the country. staffing cuts at airports nationwide could be one of the first consequences if congress does not reach a deal to avoid next friday's sequestered. because many federal agencies, including those who handle airport security, will be forced to furlough -- could be forced to furlough employees. and the va -- virginia texting while driving law is heading to the governor's desk. police would be able to pull drivers over for that alone. also raises the fine to $250 for the first offense and $500 for the second one. a similar law bobs are already in the district and maryland. in late night tv great is headed back to washington. we will tell you what conan o'brien is packing his bags for the nation's capital and when
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you can't expect him. >> and coming up later tonight -- >> it is called out there, it is tough enough. but could use imagine if you were actually allergic to the cold? it happens. people allergic to a draft coming through an open door, to touching a call so the, to going grocery shopping in the freezer section. sometimes of the allergy is worse in the heat of the summer.
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>> the 85th annual academy awards are on sunday, and excitement building around hollywood as preparations move to the final stage.
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academy award nominee seth macfarlane preparing for the big moment. this would be his first time as host. he said he reached out to a former oscar host to get a few tips. >> i talked to billy crystal. he was a super nice guy and genuinely helpful. took a lot of time out of the scheduled to sit down with me. i came out of it with practical stuff. i am very grateful for him. >> can you tell me one thing he told you? >> get comfortable with your shoes before you get on stage. >> i like that. >> you don't want your pinkie toe pinched. the academy awards is sunday, february 24, right here on abc7 and arch kimble and i are getting ready to head to los angeles -- arch campbell are getting ready to have a los angeles. you can't catch them right here on abc7 sunday night at 7:00.
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>> and conan o'brien is headed back to washington. the late-night talk-show host is headlining this year's white house correspondents' dinner at the end of april. the announcement was made this morning over twitter. this will be his second time hosting the event. he last had lined the dinner back in 1995 when bill clinton was president -- last headline [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy muller. [ sally umlaut ] it's greek-style yogurt. thick, scrumptious and more protein than those regular yogurts. are those almonds i see in the corner thingy? caramelized almonds i think you'll find. well, who wants ordinary run-of-the-mill almonds when you could have the caramelized kind? if i was this girl, i'd caramelize my whole apartment. weird. is greek style yogurt has style. you can say that again. why thank you. this greek style yogurt has style. okay. stop saying it now. you're sending me mixed messages. [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy.
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>> we are dealing with plenty of
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cold today but so are folks in wisconsin. this is how they are dealing with it. the 14th annual barstool race. it attracts thousands, as you can see. only two simple wills -- each team has one pusher and one rider, and the first person to cross the finish line with their bottom still on the stool wins. >> almost made it to the finish line. >> i was born in that state. every small town has more bars than churches and businesses. >> afterward you can go to the bar and have some cheese. >> 39 degrees, windy today. it will feel like 20. a chance of sleet friday and then saturday, some rain showers. cheese from wisconsin --
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